Murphys Law

Why is it – do you think, that the last thing you want to go wrong at any time frequently does? I don’t know either, but thats exactly what happened when I was in the middle of a massive web devlopment project recently when one of my monitors just died.

Symptoms were straight forward. Power light on, no back light and nothing visible on the screen.

Those of you who know me well, will being saying ‘So What?’ right about now. As I have a bit of a monitor fetish, and can’t get enough of screen real-estate generally, so I had at least a couple of monitors on my PC that were working anyway.


The issue though was that once you’re used to a workflow with three monitors, going back to two is like reverting to windows 98 for the day – it’ll do the job, but it slows you down.

Anyway – long story short, after whipping the case of of the monitor and having a poke about I spotted four capacitors that had gone bad (you can tell by the domed tops). A quick dig through my stores and I had some replacements and swapped them out. Job done.

Guest Submitted Photos

Big thanks to Bill Carins for the following additional photos he took when repairing his W2442PA Monitor