I see a lot of posts and commentary about how 5G will be used to connect vehicles and drones and things that move, and I’m all for that as an idea – but it’s still flawed in my opinion.

Over the years I have been involved in projects like the Mayflower Autonomous Ship and Vay’s remotely driven taxis where this need for super reliable secure connectivity is obviously very important (no one wants a taxi to have a collision because of a lack of 4G coverage of course).

Those projects are looking forward to the time where 5G and Leo sat coverage is more available to take advantage of higher bandwidths but even then I will continue to shout and scream and make sure its always more than one connectivity technology from more than one operator / provider.

The idea that any critical connectivity project can work well on a single 4G or 5G modem is insane to me, especially when there are devices like the SpeedFusion engine that can fit anywhere and provide dual redundant connectivity.

If you have a project where cellular is a critical component and real-time data is everything, then make sure you’re using at least dual connections, and preferably two connections of different types from two different providers.

If you’re not, or don’t know how to do that cost effectively get in touch – I can help.